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We start from design work. Specialized in housing. And start construction work to control the quality of work as designed.
We have many real estate projects done "home-built sales" projects. Customers say that "we are not the same"
- Our design is unique and not forget to make your home unique.
- We understand the use of space. Take into account the daily life you use it.
- We understand the materials used. Some things need beauty. Some require durability, everything we manage to suit your budget.
The beginning of building a house
Home builder It consists of several tasks. The complexity of the procedure and coordination with many agencies
such as architects, engineers, government agencies, banks and contractors. And subcontractors Homeowners need
to have a basic knowledge of each part. If all this must be handled. And even with some knowledge. But it can
avoid problems. This is due to external factors that are difficult to come by.
 Many times, we often decide from the choices we think are more economical. But building a house. Money is not
the most important factor for us to use this house for another 20 years, 30 years, or a lifetime. Experience
 and expertise in management, engineering, construction technology. The professional knowledge of the material
 gives you more than you think.


Design Sector
- Use of office design services I do not guarantee that .... will mind you.
- Lack of experience .... will make you waste time
- Often several times over the Incomprehensible Between customer needs And the aesthetics of the designer.

Construction Sector
-  Contractor Procurement I have to do it.
- The contractor does not follow the pattern or use does not meet the requirements.
- contractors Caused by irresponsibility or financial problems of the contractor.
 - lots of time to waste You have to waste time directing. Control of the mechanic. And the quality of the work. The result
 may not be consistent with the time you lost.
 - inexperienced management It will cost you both time.
 - Good price you do not know. The house is not what you want to change, I want to add some simple material to expensive.
 Some are not expensive, it's worth it. We have
 many experiences that guide you. For you to get the most out of it.

Document must be prepared. To accompany the application for construction permits.
- A copy of land title deed is built on every page. 5 sets of original size
- A copy of the house registration of the owner of the land. And a permit to build 5 copies
- A copy of ID card. Or a copy of the government official's certificate of ownership of the land. And a permit
- A copy of the tax receipt. (Local taxation) Last year

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